Speaking At Your Next Event, Let’s Make It Win-Win!


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My presentation Mobile Video Mastery (can be retitled to fit your event) teaches how entrepreneurs can profit by building online businesses selling info products, training programs, memberships, physical products, done for you services for local businesses,and residual income services (domains names, hosting, merchant accounts) all planned, created and executed with a mobile phone or tablet. Below are the different areas I cover in my presentation that can be customized to your audience with a continuing education offer that can range from $497 – $1997.

Streaming Video From Mobile Devices – Facebook Live

I show how Facebook live, repurposed podcasting, YouTube can create massive
amounts of traffic to your products or as business opportunity to do
for others. One of most exciting opportunities is the Mevo Camera which
is going to explode live video streaming for business in a box opportunities more than ever before.

Podcasting Profits with Phone

I am teaching how to make money with Podcasting with the Bossjock app on iPhone.
How to build an audience and monetize with offers and affiliate offers all from your phone.

Teaching iPhone and Android Apps – the New Software

I show clients that there are 3 million apps that need trainings that
don’t exist. Huge business opportunity to teach apps on iPhone or Android.

Video Creation with iPhone or iPad

I am teaching mobile video skills to create info products as a
business. Apps like iMovie, PowerDirector, Intro Mate, Explain
Everything to create video content to promote, sell or do for others business.

Membership Site Businesses – Done for you Options

With the ability to make video content, I teach how I built membership
sites of these trainings into profitable businesses and they can too.

Business skills and services for Local Businesses

I teach how to sell to local businesses, domains, hosting, WordPress
websites, produce videos,
manage social media, email autoresponders, merchant accounts, shopping
carts, and manage Adwords, Video Ads, Facebook advertising, and even

Summary and closing

Everything I do has the angle that is do video content, and learn to
use your phone instead of your computer, the business opportunities
are exploding.

I know people will be wowed by my mobile device presentation, and I
can offer in a way that becomes a easy to implement as businesses in
many boxes. I know how to give value content, pitch to close, but not offend an

So I hope you will consider me for your event, I know we both will win
if I have an audience interested in profiting from mobile devices like
I am doing and continue to do.

Thanks for consideration.

A Version of Mobile Video Mastery at Armand Morin’s Learn University.


Click here to download my slide deck – can be modified for your event absolutely!